How to Remove the locking block from the Beretta 92FS pistol

This video tutorial will show you how to remove the locking block from the Beretta 92FS pistol. If you don't own a Beretta 92FS semi-automatic handgun, then no worries, but if you do, the weapons locking block might be a hassle, so watch and learn.

In order to separate the locking block from the barrel, you need to keep the locking block puncher sticking out during the manipulation. Hold the firearms barrel upright and wiggle out the locking block with your fingers. It might not be easy to accomplish at first try, and if you have problems with the locking block getting stuck, lubricate it with oil before attempting to take it out again.

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it sucks! i play the video on how to dismantle my 92FS beretta

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