How To: Round an ebony forend tip on a shotgun

Round an ebony forend tip on a shotgun

While most ebony forend shotgun tips start out as a square block of ebony, they need to be shaped and rounded for a more pleasing appearance. In this video, Larry Potterfield, CEO and Founder of MidwayUSA, teaches the process for reshaping the end of an ebony forend tip to make it round. He starts by scribing a line on the tip that is roughly half the diameter or the forend. An additional line is scribed around the side of the tip roughly halfway down. A rasp is used to file down to these lines at about a 45 degree angle. Two additional lines are then scribed, splitting the remaining surfaces in half again. Additional flats are then filed and all of the areas blended with a file. A template is used throughout the work to ensure the tip is completely round.

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