How To: Shoot activating targets in competitive gun shooting

Shoot activating targets in competitive gun shooting

How to Shoot activating targets in competitive gun shooting

Todd Jarrett takes us through a tutorial on how to shoot different types of competition targets. He starts out by walking us through the tips he can give us to shoot drop turner targets. The key to this is to be ready right after you hit the popper(the target that activates the moving targets) to take aim and shoot. The second type of target is called a mover( it quickly moves from one side of the range to the other on a guideline). The third type of target is claled a swinger. It moves in a pendulum type of fashion. he shows us the tricks to these when they are on the side of a building is to shoot when its at the end of its motion and almost stationary. The trick to shooting them when they are through a window or other obstacle is to not chase the target keep your hand steady and let the target move to you. The final type of target is a pop up target. The trick to this one is when to shoot the popper based on your skill level. For those less advanced shoot one of the targets first. For those more advanced shoot the popper then the first two targets to get the last two targets activated quicker.

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