How To: Shoot a revolver like pro Jerry Miculek

Shoot a revolver like pro Jerry Miculek

MyOutdoorTV brings you these gun video shooting tutorials to help you with your revolver. Jerry Miculek, the unchallenged champion of revolver competition worldwide, teaches you what he does better than anybody else on the planet -- revolver technique.

Check out all of the Smith & Wesson Revolver Pro Tips videos with Jerry Miculek in this firearms series:

Revolver Grip: The grip is different for a revolver and changes with the size of each revolver. Jerry shows you how to get the right grip for accuracy and recoil.

Reloading: Jerry teaches fast reloads for revolver shooters both with moon clips and with speed loaders.

Trigger Control: Jerry's got three ways to use the revolver trigger. Learn all three and which technique to use for different kinds of targets.

The Draw: Speed counts in competition and self-defense. Jerry shows you how to be fast as you draw from two types of holsters to get better times on the range.

Stance: Jerry teaches foot position, knees, arms, and using the upper body to get a strong and stable stance for shooting.

Target Acquisition: Jerry teaches how to see your targets, your sights, and how to be looking ahead as you shoot multiple targets on the range.

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