How To: Shorten and recrown a rifle barrel with hand tools

Shorten and recrown a rifle barrel with hand tools

Most gun owners would cringe at the thought of hacking off the end of their barrel, but sometimes it's a necessary task to perform. But even then, it seems like a job for a professional. But it's not! If you have the basic hand tools, you can shorten and recrown a barrel yourself. MidwayUSA shows you how it's done on a Winchester Model 67 rifle.

You will need something called a Front Sight Dovetail Cutting Fixture to hack off the barrel end of the rifle. The one in the video is a Wheeler Engineering brand. Clamp the cutter on the barrel where you want to cut it, then use a hacksaw to cut the bad portion off. Next, use a file to smooth out the edge and use some oil ream out the inside. The last thing to do is remove the chatter marks with abrasive paper and you're done!

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Extremely well done video instruction, Kudo's Larry.

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