How To: Speed reload a handgun

Speed reload a handgun

How to Speed reload a handgun

This video explains how to speed reload a handgun. This technique is intended to allow for an individual to rapidly reload a handgun, this technique can be effective in competition shooting and for use by military and law enforcement personnel. Speed reloading starts with activating the mag release while also drawing a fresh magazine. While drawing the magazine, grasp the magazine with two points of contact, the tip of the finger should be against the nose of the first bullet, while the bottom of the magazine should be resting against the palm. Step two involves visually acquiring the magazine well and inserting the fresh magazine. The third and final step is to rotate the pistol out toward the target and reacquire sighting on the target. During the procedure, it is crucial that the user keep their finger outside of the trigger guard to avoid an accidental discharge. It is also important to note that the pistol is to be kept at eye level for two reasons, to keep the magazine well visible, and it allows for peripheral vision to remain downrange to enhance situational awareness.

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