How To: Turn a sling shot into a deadly spear gun

Turn a sling shot into a deadly spear gun

Learn how you can change a sling shot into a deadly spear gun. To make this gun you will need two plastic ties, 2" diameter PVC pipe, two end caps for the pipe, 1/4" to 1/2" dowel rods and a slingshot. This spear gun is very powerful and should only be used for target shooting, spear fishing and hunting. Never point this gun at another person.


very cool finaly something that works


i cant see that, wtf?

how ??????????????????

hey you think u could possible to put a cutting arrow head on there

more then likely if the dowel was threaded

dude i m so #$%@ing doing that!!!!

more then i like

I came up with that very same idea back in 2001 for a Hawaiian sling spearfishing. Converting a wrist rocket slingshot (with wrist brace still attached) into a Hawaiian sling, with a standard Hawaiian sling tube attached to the top of the wrist rocket with stainless steel hose clamps. Worked pretty damn good underwater for spearfishing, plus it was nine times more stable than a standard, good old fashions Hawaiian sling made of just a cylinder and a hole cut through it. Very easy to aim. I should patent it.

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