News: The Fastest Gunman in the World

The Fastest Gunman in the World

Old video demonstrating Bob Munden's incredible fast draw skills.

Says Wikipedia,

"The Guinness Book of World records listed Bob Munden in the 1980 edition as the 'World's fastest gun', but stopped publishing the record in later editions so that the book could be approved as a reference source for school libraries. 

This led to controversy over the records that Munden claims to hold and have held in the past. Munden's critics have argued that his records are not sufficiently well documented to be valid, and that he currently holds no official fast draw world record... 

Munden has also received skepticism mostly due to the absence of both written evidence of his records, and for the absence of his supposed 3,500 trophies."

Uh oh, Munden. Where did those 3,500 trophies disappear to? Regardless of rumors, hard to imagine anybody faster than what's shown below. Skip ahead to 1:30, when it starts to get good.


I get the feeling some of that what was fake. Especially when they were shooting toward the camera guy.

He was shooting blanks which still have a gunpowder charge in them thus the force displayed to pop the balloon.

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