Flashbang: The Bra Holster for Fast and Sexy Draws

The Bra Holster for Fast and Sexy Draws

All women need to know a few self defense moves to protect themselves from harm on the gritty streets of urban blight. But some would rather just get a concealed carry permit for their trusty semi-automatic pistol and let the steel do the talking. Now, thanks to entrepreneur Lisa Looper, women have a better way to conceal that Ruger or SIG Sauer, and it ain't no fanny pack.

Flashbang holsters are designed specifically for women, and rest horizontally just below the chest, attached directly to the center band in-between the cups of a ladies bra. The handgun is positioned so that the grip is in the center of the body, easily accessible, with the cylinder and barrel of the gun actually resting inside one of the bra cups. Unlike most traditional holsters, the gun is not drawn through the opening by the grip, but pulled straight down and out of the hard KYDEX thermoplastic clamshell.

Flashbang: The Bra Holster for Fast and Sexy Draws

Before, women would have to hide their concealed weapon in waistline holsters with large, baggy clothes hiding them, or in their purse—usually the first thing to go during a mugging. But Flashbang holsters allow pistols to be in immediate reach and completely concealable under a woman's shirt. When positioned in the sweet spot, it remains unnoticeable even when wearing fashionable, tight fitting tops. They come with three different band sizes, allowing them to be adjusted up or down to accommodate many different body shapes.

But it's not just about looking pretty and hiding what you're packing. Statistics claim that gunfights last about 2.5 seconds, with multiple attackers over 80 percent of the time. And the attack is usually close—within touching distance. So, having an undetectable weapon at easy access is paramount to safety, with speed and weapon retention a necessity. Check out the video below of novice shooter Tonia below, who can draw and fire her bra-holstered handgun in less than 1.5 seconds—with minimal practice.

Flashbang holster demonstration

And if you're wondering whether or not cup size matters for effective concealment, having a better bust size does not matter. eBay Flashbang seller Onedelta89 proclaims, "You don't have to look like Dolly Parton to hide a pistol."

Due to the molded fit, each Flashbang goes with its intended firearm, which helps keep the gun in place during physical activity. Using the wrong model holster could be dangerous, so if you're looking to get a bra holster, make sure you get the one for your make and model handgun.

Flashbang holster explanation

As of right now, you can purchase Flashbang women's holsters at around $40 each for the following guns: Ruger LCP, Ruger LCR, S&W Bodyguard .380, S&W Bodyguard .38, Kel-Tec P3AT, Kel-Tec P32, Sig Sauer P238, and S&W 2-inch J-frame and similar handguns. You can get them directly from Looper Law Enforcement or from any online reseller.

There are other bra holsters out there, but none as practical, fast and sexy as this one. Thankfully, forty-six states in the U.S. require permits for carrying concealed handguns, and it's sure to make make any male think twice before hitting second base on a date in Alaska, Arizona, Vermont and Wyoming.


Nice gun "rack"

A friend and her boyfriend are cops and they carry a gun at all times. While the boyfriend can carry the gun in his pants, she has to have hers in her purse. I would imagine she would be in trouble if she ever had to use it for defense: grab the purse, unzip it, take out the gun, aim, and shoot. This would probably put her on par with her boyfriend, unless she's wearing an incredibly tight shirt that it would show the outline.

Best post I've seen all week!! Too Funny!!!

I'll buy this for my wife, and give her my .44 magnum to put in there. She can conceal it.... no problem. My.... 44 magnum...... hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

If she had wardrobe slip the perp would freeze like a deer in headlights!
Ahw! too bad you didn't get to see more before the lights went out.

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