News: Infrared Activated Nerf Gun Hack

Infrared Activated Nerf Gun Hack

Here at WonderHowTo, we admire hackers whose motivation is mischievous, yet perfectly legal and harmless. Hiding a Nerf gun among Cabbage Patch dolls, meet Alan Parekh, a Canadian electrical engineer who just wants to bring a smile to his teenage daughter's face. 

Infrared Activated Nerf Gun Hack

Parekh uses a 16f88 PIC microcontroller to monitor an IR beam and activate the unit when the beam has been broken. Seems simple enough, but the meticulous DIY instructions took days of circuit board fiddling. In order to get an electronic, versus spring compression, trigger, he chose the Automatic Tommy 20 by Buzz Bee Toys. Thank you, Alan, for making your daughter's bedroom a safer place.

Check out Alan's detailed 3-part build instructions (1, 2, 3) on his site, Hacked Gadgets.


Her pouty face made me so horny!!!

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