News: Make a "taser-totter" potato gun

Make a "taser-totter" potato gun

Potato + hairspray + Taser + PVC = Heaven.

Growing up in New Hampshire, I recognize that potato guns represent the pinnacle of American ingenuity. Innovative, powerful, and best of all...pointless.

Made by the fine folks of Make Magazine, this is the blueprint for the Rolls Royce of all potato guns. This one has a taser.

I have made the taser version. I have made the barbeque version. Nothing beats the taser.

Aside from initially miscalculating the electrical arch, Bre Pettis does an excellent job of walking you through the steps of construction.

At WonderHowTo, we have several great spudology tutorials, should you need to investigate further.

Make a potato gun with a taser


where can i get ABS i live in VT and Lowes and home depot dont have it

PVC pipe works as well, try your local hardware store. tell em what your upto and they can probably help ya out. they did for me anyway

also make sure its schedule 40 or more. sch40 it should be printed right on the outside. sch40 is rated for the kinds of PSI you're generating. if you're using hairspray be sure to clean out the threads of your end cap when you're all done. if not it acts like glue over time. a BBQ grill ignition works just fine. don't Tase yourself =)




hmmm... anyone else notice a similarity between Bre Pettis and Johnny Knoxville?

oh where can we get that stun gun from??

lol wow is i posibble 2 make 1 that shoots multiple patatos at a time or atleast have som magazine to reload faster.

or just buy one from

hello new brid .lol

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