News: The Smartest Way To Defend Yourself Against Home Intruders

The Smartest Way To Defend Yourself Against Home Intruders

 Another interesting weapon via Wired's Danger Room: the Koosh bullet. These rubber bullets can incapacitate, but are highly unlikely of actually breaking the skin.

"Lightfield has been selling these projectiles to law enforcement agencies and wildlife officials for years. Each round is filled with a soft projectile that resembles a koosh ball. They look like toys, because they're made by a Chinese toy factory. The best thing about them is that they aren't likely to kill someone even if they are fired at point blank range. They're so soft that they're almost incapable of penetrating the body."

As their marketing slogan says, "This may be the most intelligent way to defend your family against home intruders."

The Smartest Way To Defend Yourself Against Home Intruders

The Smartest Way To Defend Yourself Against Home Intruders

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so do you just fire them from a shotgun?
i've used a flare gun as a "last resort" weapon, but the trick is always in having something that looks like a gun rather than a bright orange plastic toy

Why do not you go for Taser C2 instead? I think that is the best "less lethal" weapon, of course pepper spray is always a good choice for something non-lethal.

taser guns are good but expensive and very limited, (one shot or else). pepper spray ok for some situations but against a drug induced perp, forget it. I like bang and pain

Yes and no. I checked and you can get the consumer Taser with laser for less than $300 shipped online. I find most guns cost much more than that. True it is one shot,but with laser pointer, it helps greatly with accuracy. In most cases, one does not use it in their lifetime at all thus justifies the Taser cartridge replacement cost of $50. Plus Taser is a reputable product, it's better to carry a Taser than a gun albeit Koosh bullet. Plus if you check the Koosh bullet product page, it says never to shoot at the head, neck etc or death may occur (plus it is made by a toy factory). IMPO, all these reasons tells me it is not a good option at all.

I like the Idea of having the first round in the shotgun be the Koosh Bullet and the next be buck shot. Give the poor s.o.b. one last chance to change his mind before you remove his head for him.

that's in the vein of the 'street sweeper' which goes from i believe pepper spray releases to bullets in 12 shots.

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