News: Speeding Bullet at 1,000,000 FPS

Speeding Bullet at 1,000,000 FPS

Germany's Werner Mehl has developed the PVM-21 infrared chronograph, an incredibly advanced ballistic speed-measuring system.

From the blog Accurate Shooter:

"Werner has engineered camera and lighting systems that can literally track a bullet in flight, millimeter by millimeter, with eye-popping resolution. Werner employs digital cameras that record up to 1 million frames per second, with effective shutter speeds as fast as 1.5 nano-seconds."

Check out the video below to see it in action. For more high-speed gun videos, click through.

Edit: Also, check out these clips from itronx shot with a 200,000,000 FPS camera.


African drums + house + camera tech + bullet 'splosions = 10 minutes of company time wasted (happily).


That was awesome

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