News: Taiwanese Gangster-Made "Shotgun Revolver"

Taiwanese Gangster-Made "Shotgun Revolver"

A big, nasty hybrid gun, a revolver that shoots shotgun shells, was found in a "gangster gun room" in Taiwan (not sure what "gangster gun room" means exactly, the Google translation is hard to decipher). Can't buy one of these in a gun shop, but the black market price goes for approximately $6200 – $9300 USD.

Taiwanese Gangster-Made "Shotgun Revolver"

According to Neatorama,

"Revolvers that fire shotgun shells are not a new idea. In fact, Taurus sells one called "The Judge" that fires .410 bore shells. What makes this handmade revolver from Taiwan unique is that it fires the much larger 12-gauge round."


Thats insane. Thats gotta be a fun gun.

sure it a great gun in a fight but better when you add tnt heads to it so it have some punch power that you have to see to belive

I made a 6 shot 12 gauge revolver. I'd love to get a patent for it and sell them legally (It is still legal in the U.S. to make your own firearms, just can't sell them) I named mine the "Twelvolver". Anyone know how to start a firearms company legally?

I will help u figure it out if u cansend me a twelvolver through the mail or instruct me on how to make one

man i can do one of these things

even rambo has toys compared to this!

no thanks

The recoil on this thing would be horrific … almost beyond control from one's hand(s)!
The difference in height between the line of the bore and the grip would mean that not only would it recoil, but it would flip back and smash your face!
No mention of whether it is double action or single action.
However, I tend to think that any second shot would only be after you have cleaned the blood from your face!
Keep a medic and lots of field dressings handy when firing this beast!

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