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News: Hybrid Revolver Shotgun Hacked Together from Spare Gun Parts

When it comes to break action shotguns, one or two rounds might not be enough for some gun enthusiasts. Even the five-cartridge capacity that most pump action shotguns feature isn't enough buckshot for diehards. So, what kind of 12 gauge shotgun can hold more than five rounds? The AA-12 auto assault shotgun holds 32 rounds, but that's probably just overkill. Where's the happy medium, then?

Flashbang: The Bra Holster for Fast and Sexy Draws

All women need to know a few self defense moves to protect themselves from harm on the gritty streets of urban blight. But some would rather just get a concealed carry permit for their trusty semi-automatic pistol and let the steel do the talking. Now, thanks to entrepreneur Lisa Looper, women have a better way to conceal that Ruger or SIG Sauer, and it ain't no fanny pack.

News: For 500 Big Ones, You Can Own the Mother of All Rubberband Guns

So the price is fairly steep. But maybe this monster of a rubberband gun is a worthwhile indulgence... just this once. YOU watch the video and decide. "The rubber band gatling gun can hold over 100 rubber bands and shoots 1 at a time as fast as you can crank it. The gun comes off of the base so you can hold it when you shoot or just keep it on the base and shoot."

News: Infrared Activated Nerf Gun Hack

Here at WonderHowTo, we admire hackers whose motivation is mischievous, yet perfectly legal and harmless. Hiding a Nerf gun among Cabbage Patch dolls, meet Alan Parekh, a Canadian electrical engineer who just wants to bring a smile to his teenage daughter's face.

News: Extreme Shooter Kicks Ass

Kenneth Aspestrand is a three time world record holder trick shooter. And, man, this dude is fast. His aim is dead on, not unlike WonderHowTo's favorite slingshot assassin, Rufus Hussey or Apestrand's 6-year-old competition, Miko Andres. Two videos below.

News: Taiwanese Gangster-Made "Shotgun Revolver"

A big, nasty hybrid gun, a revolver that shoots shotgun shells, was found in a "gangster gun room" in Taiwan (not sure what "gangster gun room" means exactly, the Google translation is hard to decipher). Can't buy one of these in a gun shop, but the black market price goes for approximately $6200 – $9300 USD.

News: The Amazing 6-Year-Old Sharp Shooter

At the young age of six, Miko Andres is considered the world’s youngest competitive practical shooter. The Filipino youngster handles his Colt 1911 with great ease, competes against 9-17 year-olds, and plans on making the trek to America to compete in international shooting events.

News: Shoot Webs Spider-Man Style with This Net Gun

If you can't wait for yet another bad Spider-Man film to hit theaters near you, you can have your own web-slinging fun right at home. Crispyjones has designed a non-lethal net gun reminiscent of Spidey's "web-shooters," though, at a much larger scale, obviously. A detailed tutorial for the net gun can be found on Instructables.

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