How To: Disassemble & clean a Bushmaster AR-15

In this two-part video tutorial, learn how to disassemble & clean a Bushmaster AR-15. An AR-15 is a popular semi-automatic rifle with upper & lower receiver assemblies, which are attached with 2 through pins. In this video learn everything you need to know about taking apart and cleaning the Bushmaster AR-15 rifle.

How To: Fix a faulty trigger on your Airsoft gun

Oh, no! The trigger mechanism for your favorite Airsoft gun isn't working! Fortunately, in most cases, this doesn't mean you have to buy a replacement - you can usually easily and cheaply repair the trigger. You'll need a screwdriver so you can remove all the screws from the gun case (and be careful not to loose any of the screws!). And don't forget to remove the magazine before attempting to take the gun apart. Then just clear any blockage you see!

How To: Shorten and recrown a rifle barrel with hand tools

Most gun owners would cringe at the thought of hacking off the end of their barrel, but sometimes it's a necessary task to perform. But even then, it seems like a job for a professional. But it's not! If you have the basic hand tools, you can shorten and recrown a barrel yourself. MidwayUSA shows you how it's done on a Winchester Model 67 rifle.

HowTo: Make a Wicked Powerful BB Gun With an Air Compressor

Below, David Ye demonstrates how to make a sick DIY BB gun using an air compressor. Ye says: "I got bored and decided to make a BB gun using my air compressor. The secret sauce is a one way valve that blocks air from the firing chamber but allows air in the other direction to rapidly propel ammo into the gun. This allows me to tube feed BB's, even when the gun is inverted. It's also much faster than gravity feed versions."

How To: Make an easy homemade rifle silencer

In this video, learn how to make an easy & cheap home made gun silencer. Materials you will need include: aluminum steel, screen material, a sponge/steel wool, and string or thread. Spray paint is an optional item, in case you'd like to customize it. Good luck with your project!

How To: Clean an SKS Rifle

So you went out and bought an SKS rifle...good for you. In my opinion, there are few rifles that can match the SKS as a personal weapon, whether used for hunting, recreation, or defense. Yes, some people will tell you that your SKS is a piece of outdated junk, and that their $2,000 rifle with all its fancy bells and whistles is much better, but just keep in mind that your SKS will still be functioning long after that fancy rifle has been thrown in the scrap heap. If properly maintained, an SK...

How To: Polish and prepare a rifle barrel for bluing

If you have a rifle you want to keep beautiful and rust-free, then bluing is necessary step for its survival. It's a passivation process that has many different types used, like cold bluing, hot bluing, rust bluing and fume bluing. No matter what type you're going to perform on your rifle barrel, there's one thing you need to keep in mind—polishing. Before you can fully refinish your gun metal, it's important that you polish the surface before actually bluing.

How To: Clean a Ruger M77 bolt-action rifle

In this official video tutorial from Ruger Firearms, we learn how to clean a Ruger M77 Hawkeye bolt-action rifle. For more information, including a complete demonstration, and detailed, step-by-step instructions, as well as to get started cleaning your own M77 Hawkeye, watch this gun owner's guide.

How To: Disassemble your Ruger M77 Mark II or Hawkeye Rifle

If you own a Ruger firearm, maybe it's about time you learned everything there is to know about it. If you have a Ruger rifle, you might want to know how to take it apart, or how to clean it, or how to put it back together, or maybe how to add a scope to it. Ruger is an "arms maker for responsible citizens," so don't let those other firearms manufacturers fool you. Learn from the professionals, learn from Ruger in this weapons video tutorial.

How To: Make a camo gun wrap for airsoft guns at home

This video describes how to create a decorative wrap for your air powered toy guns (Airsoft Guns). Although the person in the video uses an old, green army shirt, the wrap can be created simply using any colored cloth of your choice, and a pair of scissors. After cutting a lengthy ribbon around the shirt that measures a few feet in length and about 1.5 inches wide, you are nearly ready to wrap it around your gun. Although not necessary, it will benefit you to roll up the length of cloth. You ...

How To: Make a pen into a gun in 20 seconds

In this Weapons video tutorial you will learn how to make a pen into a gun in 20 seconds. This is really very easy and simple to do and takes practically no time. For this you will need a pen and a hand pump. The pen should be a standard big pen. Remove the back of the pen, fit it into the pump and give one hard push on the pump. The refill will shoot like a bullet. Be careful not to shoot at anyone since it can pierce a soft drinks can from close distance and shoot as far as 50 – 60 feet.

How To: Make a simple homemade high-powered slingshot gun

Watch this weapons video tutorial on how to make a simple homemade high-powered slingshot gun. This is a step-by-step guide on how to make an incredibly hi-powered gun or slingshot or airsoft gun. All you need is scissors, a balloon, tape, and a everyday cardboard toilet paper roll. This slingshot weapon is strong enough to fire through cans of soda!

How To: Disassemble the slide assembly on a Beretta PX4 pistol

The Beretta Px4 Storm is a semi-automatic pistol. If you own one, check out this video tutorial to see how to do a basic field strip of the handgun. After you have finished a basic field strip of the Beretta PX4 firearm, watch to see how to field strip the slide assembly. In order to disassemble the slide assembly, you will need a small punch or awl and a mallet. You will remove the extractor pin, and the firing pin, and everything else.

How To: Replace the rear sight blade on a Smith & Wesson revolver

Over time, guns wear out, and your Smith & Wesson revolver is no exception. One common thing that finds itself in need of attention is the revolver's rear sight blade. It can become bent or chipped or loose, and that might mean it's time for a replacement. This video guide from MidwayUSA will show you the steps to replacing a factory rear sight blade on your S&W revolver, so you have an accurate and improve sight picture.

How To: Disassemble and reassemble the Luger pistol

Check out this brief video tutorial on the German Luger pistol, which features disassembly and subsequent reassembly of the firearm. This is narrated in order to ensure that anyone with a Luger in front of them isn't stuck trying to freeze frame on some blurry detail. Just follow along and you'll be fine.

How To: Lubricate your SIG Sauer pistol from top to bottom

This video tutorial can be used alone or in conjunction with the Preventive Maintenance Guide to assist you in the professional care of your SIG SAUER semiautomatic pistol. Check out how to lubricate your SIG SAUER pistol from top to bottom. With lubrication, if it's shiny, lube it. There are three reasons to lubricate. Friction reduction, corrosion reduction and ease of cleaning.

How To: Make a blow pen dart gun with household items

You may not know it, but common household items can be manipulated to make various gadgets and tools. But they can also be used to create dangerous weapons. In this tutorial, you will find out how to make a blow pen dart gun using common household items. Now, before attemtping to recreate this, please don't use this to hurt anyone or anything. Good luck and enjoy!

How To: Clean your Ruger 10/22 Rimfire Rifle

If you own a Ruger firearm, maybe it's about time you learned everything there is to know about it. If you have a Ruger rifle, you might want to know how to take it apart, or how to clean it, or how to put it back together. Ruger is an "arms maker for responsible citizens," so don't let those other firearms manufacturers fool you. Learn from the professionals, learn from Ruger in this weapons video tutorial.

How To: Understand the stock drop on a shotgun

This video provides the viewer with a basic understanding of a critical buttstock or shoulder stock dimension called drop. Larry Potterfield, CEO and Founder of MidwayUSA, explains the importance of this dimension and how to measure it using some classic shotguns. This dimension is measured from a line extending rearward from the top of the bore to the point of the comb, and the point of the heel. A gun with a large amount of drop will typically shoot low while a shotgun with very little drop...

How To: Properly remove a barrel from a bolt action rifle

Pulling the barrel off a bolt action rifle is nearly impossible without the right tools. In this video, Larry Potterfield, CEO and Founder of MidwayUSA, explains how to properly remove the barrel from a bolt action rifle using a barrel vise and action wrench. He starts by bolting the barrel vise to a heavy bench and coating some oak block with Baker brand resin. He then clamps the barrel in the vise. Once the barrel is secured, a Wheeler Engineering action wrench is tightened to the receiver,...

How To: Make a pvc pipe NERF grenade launcher or rocket launcher

Sometimes, it's just fun to mess around with things that may not work as effective as the real thing. In this case: a grenade launcher. This tutorial will show you how to make a grenade launcher for your NERF gun. Now this might not have the same blast radius as a grenade, obviously, but it's a fun addition to add to your yellow looking NERF gun. When you play war, you'll have the coolest looking weapon! Good luck and enjoy!

How To: Disassemble and reassemble a Desert Eagle airsoft gun

This video tutorial will teach you how to disassemble and reassemble the Desert Eagle .50AE Ultra High Grade airsoft pistol made by KWC. The first step to field stripping the spring version of the Desert Eagle airsoft gun is to take the magazine out. The rest practically comes naturally, just don't lose any of the airsoft handgun parts or you might not have functionality anymore. The Desert Eagle airsoft weapon might be easier to disassemble if you take all of the BBs out first.

How To: Fix excessive cylinder endshake on a revolver

When the cylinder of a revolvers has a lot of front to back play or movement, it's called endshake. It's a problem that is easily corrected if you have the right parts. In this video Larry Potterfield, CEO and Founder of MidwayUSA, demonstrates the process for correcting gross cylinder. After measuring for the exact amount of endshake using a feeler gage, he begins by removing the yoke retaining screw, the yoke, and the cylinder. Using a padded vise and some snap caps to protect the extractor...

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