How To: Fit your shotgun by adjusting pitch and point of aim

In this how-to video, you will learn how to fit your shotgun. Pitch will keep you from getting beat up and point of target. Pitch refers to the angle at which the butt is shaped. A neutral stock will leave the stock parallel. If the barrel leans away, you have down pitch. If the opposite is true, you have up pitch. To change the pitch, use quarters. They do not collapse under pressure and are readily available. Place the coins under a loosened heel or toe of the butt. Check to see where the p...

How To: Build the worlds simpliest homemade air gun

My version of a very simple air gun. You need only 3 parts to build the gun and plus barrel. Making it is very easy after finding right parts. Parts im using might be ava... More»ilable only in Finland but this should give you an idea how to build an air gun. WARNING: This device is lethal so use caution when you use it. Dont shoot at anything that might die, like your friend or a rabbit. Just destroy useless stuff

How To: Make a homemade shotgun

This video will show you how to create your very own homemade shotgun/explosive, small time shotgun that will fire small objects with a loud bang. You will need a tripod of some sort (or some long hollow object), salt, foil, a fuse or candle wick, and a lighter.

How To: Make an easy homemade rifle silencer

In this video, learn how to make an easy & cheap home made gun silencer. Materials you will need include: aluminum steel, screen material, a sponge/steel wool, and string or thread. Spray paint is an optional item, in case you'd like to customize it. Good luck with your project!

How To: Dismantle and reassemble a Glock 26 pistol

If you don't think females know anything about guns, then you're wrong. Watch the terrific woman instructor in this video tutorial on how to dismantle and reassemble a Glock 26 pistol. If you have a Glock 26 9mm handgun, this is perfect for you. You'll learn all of the parts of the firearm, like the receiver, the slide, the barrel chamber, the recoil spring, and all of the other gun parts. Take it apart and assemble it back together. This girl will tell you all about the Glock 26 handgun.

How To: Make a simple homemade high-powered slingshot gun

Watch this weapons video tutorial on how to make a simple homemade high-powered slingshot gun. This is a step-by-step guide on how to make an incredibly hi-powered gun or slingshot or airsoft gun. All you need is scissors, a balloon, tape, and a everyday cardboard toilet paper roll. This slingshot weapon is strong enough to fire through cans of soda!

How To: Fix a faulty trigger on your Airsoft gun

Oh, no! The trigger mechanism for your favorite Airsoft gun isn't working! Fortunately, in most cases, this doesn't mean you have to buy a replacement - you can usually easily and cheaply repair the trigger. You'll need a screwdriver so you can remove all the screws from the gun case (and be careful not to loose any of the screws!). And don't forget to remove the magazine before attempting to take the gun apart. Then just clear any blockage you see!

How To: Make tracer ammo

This video shows the secret of making a tracer ammo useful for hunting during night time. You will need: a rifle, . 22/5. 5 ammo, glow in the dark fishing glue and a UV torch. First fill the rear of the pellet with flow in the dark fishing glue. The glue will shrink as it starts to dry, so use a lot of it as it shrinks. When glue gets dried in the pellet it will look as shown in the video. Fix the UV torch to the rifle using a rubber band with the bulb pointing the loading breach. Now load th...

How To: Safely operate and maintain an AK-47 or AK series rifle

The AK-47 is the most commonly used assault rifle in the world, responsible for an incredible amount of death over the last sixty years. They are amazingly well-made guns, and if you're fortunate enough to have one (they're less common in the US than just about anywhere else), watch this video to learn how to safely operate, clean, clear, maintain, and disassemble your AK-47 or other AK series rifle.

How To: Disassemble and reassemble a Desert Eagle airsoft gun

This video tutorial will teach you how to disassemble and reassemble the Desert Eagle .50AE Ultra High Grade airsoft pistol made by KWC. The first step to field stripping the spring version of the Desert Eagle airsoft gun is to take the magazine out. The rest practically comes naturally, just don't lose any of the airsoft handgun parts or you might not have functionality anymore. The Desert Eagle airsoft weapon might be easier to disassemble if you take all of the BBs out first.

How To: Operate, disassemble and clean an HK G36 assault rifle

If you own a Heckler & Koch G36, you might find this instructional video useful. The Heckler & Koch G36 is a German-made assault rifle, used primarily by German Armed Forces. The KH G36 firearm has a conventional layout and a modular component design, with the receiver and buttstock assembly, bolt carrier group with bolt and the return mechanism and guide rod. This video will show you how to operate, disassemble and clean the HK G36 assault rifle.

HowTo: 16,000 Round Airsoft Machine Gun

Kuba_T1000's airsoft minigun holds 16,000 rounds of plastic BBs, fed from an electric ammo pack. Made almost entirely with machined aluminum and powered by high pressure air (or CO2), Kuba's build is appears quite sophisticated, and flawless.

How To: Build an egg gun

To make your very own egg gun, you know, that thing that shoots eggs, get an empty silicon tube, a paper towel tube, and some other stuff. You'll see, just watch the video. Build an egg gun.

How To: Polish a feed ramp for a handgun

In this tutorial, we learn how to polish a feed ramp for a gun. Before you begin, remove all ammo and clean out the barrel of the gun. First, take your pencil eraser and rub it up and down against the feed ramp on the gun. This can take up to 30 minutes, so prepare to wait for a long time. After you are done with this, give it a nice finish using a Drimmel tool. Once you are done polishing the feed ramp, you will be able to insert your ammo much more smoothly. Place the ammo back in and use y...

How To: Stay safe when using an ankle holster for a firearm

In this gun safety tutorial, we learn how to stay safe while using an ankle holster with a firearm. For more information, including a complete demonstration of the process and detailed, step-by-step instructions, and to get started using the proper ankle-holster handling technique yourself, watch this video guide from Ruger.

How To: Make an easy potato cannon

Odin Production demonstrates how to make an easy potato cannon. First, collect PVC piping parts. Then purchase PVC cement and primer. Build your potato cannon in a well ventilated area. Assemble the PVC piping with the PVC cement, applying the cement to the outside and corresponding inside of the piping. Assemble the combustion chamber and screw the cap on the end of it. Attach the combustion chamber to the PVC piping. Let the PVC cement dry. Drill holes in the sides of the combustion chamber...

How To: Easily make a mini spud gun

This video shows us how to make a Potato gun or Mini-Spud gun. It needs the following household things like a Gatorade bottle, garlic container, thumb-tacks, knife, scissors, masking and duct tape, lighter, some PVC pipe large enough to fit inside the mouth of the Gatorade bottle. Use the knife to cut the bottom of the garlic container and top of the Gatorade bottle. Then, tape the top of the Gatorade bottle and bottom of the garlic container together using duct tape. Then the cap of the Gato...

How To: Field Strip, Disassemble, Reassemble, Clean & Maintain a Military-Issued M4 Carbine Rifle

At home, owning a rifle is either for sport or fanaticism.  Having an M4 Carbine, however, is illegal.  Only government agencies can own and use the Colt M4 Carbine, most notably— the U.S. Military.  And for a soldier, that rifle means life or death, so it’s the number one concern for soldiers serving in Iraq or Afghanistan today.  For a soldier, cleaning and maintaining their issued weapon is always priority, because an unclean rifle can resort in jams, misfires, and other malfunctions.

How To: Clean an SKS Rifle

So you went out and bought an SKS rifle...good for you. In my opinion, there are few rifles that can match the SKS as a personal weapon, whether used for hunting, recreation, or defense. Yes, some people will tell you that your SKS is a piece of outdated junk, and that their $2,000 rifle with all its fancy bells and whistles is much better, but just keep in mind that your SKS will still be functioning long after that fancy rifle has been thrown in the scrap heap. If properly maintained, an SK...

How To: Disassemble your Ruger M77 Mark II or Hawkeye Rifle

If you own a Ruger firearm, maybe it's about time you learned everything there is to know about it. If you have a Ruger rifle, you might want to know how to take it apart, or how to clean it, or how to put it back together, or maybe how to add a scope to it. Ruger is an "arms maker for responsible citizens," so don't let those other firearms manufacturers fool you. Learn from the professionals, learn from Ruger in this weapons video tutorial.

How To: Make a pvc pipe NERF grenade launcher or rocket launcher

Sometimes, it's just fun to mess around with things that may not work as effective as the real thing. In this case: a grenade launcher. This tutorial will show you how to make a grenade launcher for your NERF gun. Now this might not have the same blast radius as a grenade, obviously, but it's a fun addition to add to your yellow looking NERF gun. When you play war, you'll have the coolest looking weapon! Good luck and enjoy!

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