How To: Build a compressed air tennis ball cannon

Build a compressed air tennis ball cannon

How to Build a compressed air tennis ball cannon

Backyard potato guns are normally fueled by aerosol cans of hairspray and deodorants. But the conventional explosive propellent can be seen as weak in comparison to the alternative—pneumatic pressure. Which would you rather build? A spud gun capable of shooting 50 feet or one that can launch potatoes 500 feet?

Systm shows you how to build you own potato luncher powered by compressed air. Actually, their version is a tennis ball cannon, but they're all really the same, right? Follow along to the video and mash some potatoes!


pls include a list of materials this video is almost useless unless you teach us how to build it, not tell us how to be safe

I need it to shoot antenna wires up high into the trees. Ham Radio stuff! (N8JUQ)

I was told just the other day that if I got caught with a potato gun, it was automatic jail time.

What's the story you have heard?

Seems the powers-that-be don't want us to have this information. I got one thing to say to that......FUCK YOU.

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