How To: Choose the right shotgun

Choose the right shotgun

In this how to video, you will learn how to choose the right shotgun. There are many options to consider. First, there is the pump action shot gun. This is very affordable, 300-500 dollar shotgun with a 3 shot capacity. You must manually work the action when shooting. This makes it harder to shoot multiple targets. Next, there is the semi-automatic shotgun. This usually costs around 500-1,000 dollars and has a three shot capacity. It has a gas operated system to automatically feed the next shell into the chamber. This allows for smoother shooting. The recoil of the first shot allows the reloading to be one automatically. However, because of more moving parts, the gun must be cleaned often and the right ammo must be used. Lastly, a break open shot gun can be used. These cost from 1,000 to 30,000 dollars. It is usually known as a competition gun. It has a custom fit stock and interchangeable choke tubes. It also has a removable trigger. However, you only have a two shot capacity. This may a disadvantage for hunters in the field. To use this, place two shells in the barrel, close the action, and push the safety off. After firing, place the top latch to the side to eject the shells. This video offers great advice on choosing your next shotgun.

Choose the right shotgun

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