How To: Clean and maintain your SIG Sauer pistol

Clean and maintain your SIG Sauer pistol

How to Clean and maintain your SIG Sauer pistol

This video tutorial can be used alone or in conjunction with the Preventive Maintenance Guide to assist you in the professional care of your SIG SAUER semiautomatic pistol. Check out how to clean and maintain your SIG SAUER pistol. In order to perform cleaning and maintenance, you have to be safe, so you'll also learn how to unload the gun and check it for rounds.

What makes the SIG SAUER pistols the weapons of choice for elite units around the world, and the smart choice for anyone? A hard-earned reputation for getting everything right – design, materials, precision manufacturing, ergonomics, function, safety, accuracy, reliability, durability, maintenance, accessories and options. In the U. S., the SIG success story began in 1985, when the newly formed SIG SAUER began to distribute the P220 semi-automatic handgun. Anyone familiar with firearms knew instantly that this was the pistol to reckon with. This SIG SAUER pistol led the semi-auto revolution, and the qualities that made that happen are still here – and then some – in the current SIG Classic line of pistols. When the time came for a new generation of SIG pistols, we didn't set a deadline, we set a goal. The goal was to incorporate the most advanced firearms technologies and at the same time provide true value. While other manufacturers have gone to plastic frames to cut costs, SIG SAUER has refused to cut corners.

Clean and maintain your SIG Sauer pistol

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