How To: Clean the rifle bore

Clean the rifle bore

This video shows how to clean the rifle bore. The tools needed to clean rifle barrel, Jag, patches, Kroil oil, Brass Core Brush, Fiber or Plastic brush, Action cleaning tube, Cleaning rod one piece, Cleaning solvent: Shooters choice ,BRS custom rifles. It is a good rule to clean barrel bore after 20 to 30 shots fired. We get better accuracy and longer barrel life. First cleaning tube. Soak 2 patches with cleaning solvent. Push 2 wet patches through barrel. The barrel is already clean so there is no fouling. Then the second patch. Soak brass brush with cleaning solvent. Scrub 10 to 15 passes. Add some shooters choice solvent to brass brush. Add some more solvent shooters choice. Take 2 dry patches and push them through the barrel. Take a clean white patch and push it nearly out muzzle. Get a bright small flashlight to visually inspect bore. If there is metal or powder fowling in barrel begin cleaning process again. We can wet barrel with solvent and let it stand overnight. Use fiber or plastic brush to wet bore. Now barrel is clean. Wet barrel with KROIL. Add solvent or oil to fiber brush at muzzle. Soak barrel with KROIL. Remember to Dry oil out before shooting.

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