How To: Field strip a Glock handgun

Field strip a Glock handgun

How to Field strip a Glock handgun

As a well-established gun in the military, police, special units, and security services, the Glock firearm is best known for its striker-fired polymer-framed design, with minimum weight and that legendary Glock reliability.

If you need a little help disassembling your Glock pistol, this video will aide you in your quest. See how to field strip a Glock handgun, from the magazine to the recoil spring, then see how to reassemble the Glock just like you took it apart.


Very informative

very good,

After field stripping my glock 22, I neglected putting in the spring. I reinstalled the barrel and slide and now I can't undo it so I can install the recoil spring. any suggestions?

video not showing up??????

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