How To: Have trigger control when shooting a gun

Have trigger control when shooting a gun

How to Have trigger control when shooting a gun

This how to video shows you how to have trigger control with your gun. When you shoot a revolver, get square on the face of the trigger and never have your finger leave the face of the trigger. Remember that the trigger is a lever. If you hold it short it will be harder to pull. If you hold it on the longer end of the trigger it will be easier. Grab the revolver in the standard firing mode but work the trigger quickly to the rear. This will index the cylinder fully and cock the hammer about three quarters of the way. This will allow you to line up your sight. This is good for long shots. Another technique requires you to put your finger further than you normally would. This will give you an indication when you will break the shot. This is good for getting great accuracy. Try this technique in the prone position for an even more accurate shot.

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