How To: Make a marshmallow gun

Make a marshmallow gun

How to Make a marshmallow gun

Guns made of food rule! In this tutorial, learn how to take aim and fire with this delicious gun made out of marshmallows.

You Will Need:
• Measuring tape
• 2 feet of ½-inch internal diameter PVC pipe
• A marker
• PVC-pipe cutters
• Two elbows
• Two end caps
• Two T-connectors
• Mini marshmallows
• Safety goggles
• A hacksaw (optional)

Step 1: Cut the pipe
Measure, mark, and cut the pipe into one 1-inch segment, five 3-inch segments, and one 7-inch segment.

Step 2: Assemble the handle
To build the handle, put a cap on a 3-inch piece followed by an elbow and another 3-inch piece.

Step 3: Build the mouthpiece
For the mouthpiece, put the one-inch piece in the bottom of the T-connector. Connect an elbow to the other side of the piece, followed by a 3-inch segment. Attach one end of the T-connector to the 3-inch piece from the handle.

Step 4: Build the barrel
On the remaining end of the T-connector, put a 3-inch piece and another T. A 3-inch piece with a cap goes in the bottom of the T, and the 7-inch piece goes in the third T opening to serve as the barrel of the gun.

Step 5: Shoot the gun
Go shooting! Put on eye protection, point the gun in a safe direction, and load a mini-marshmallow into the mouthpiece. Wrap your lips around the mouthpiece and blow to give the gun a quick burst of air. Pow!

Trivia: The marshmallow capital of the world is Ligonier, Indiana.

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