How To: Make poison ammo

Make poison ammo

How to Make poison ammo

This tutorial is a Shooting Eggs production showing you how to make poison ammo.

For this you will need: a rifle, .22/5MM hollow point ammo, superglue, aluminum foil, potassium chloride and a hole puncher. Potassium chloride is easily bought online. However, what you might not know, it is 1 of the 3 chemicals used in the lethal injections used in capital punishment around the world. Once introduced into the bloodstream, it stops the heart from beating.

1. Take a chunk of foil and start punching holes.
2. Collect the foil circles.
3. Fill the top of the pellet with the potassium chloride.
4. Add a small drop of glue and glue to pellet.
5. Once dry, smooth down the edge.
6. Time to test it out. We will use modeling clay, roughly 4X denser than flesh. 19mm penetration, 7mm expansion and poison spread inside, left the used pellet.

Results: Normal penetration, but an equal spread of poison along the entire shot.

Warning: When using poison ammo, washing your hands before and after using would be a good idea!

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So this is bullshit. First off, the amount of potassium being placed on the pellet isn't going to do anything. At worst, you might get a slight infection, consistent with being shot from a normal pellet. And typically, this is going into the muscle. Let's say you actually do metabolize the potassium. It would be at a much slower rate because it's intramuscular and a tiny dose. They use a much larger dose for lethal injections and it's given intravenously, so it goes straight to the heart. And just because it's used in lethal injections, that doesn't mean it's straight up poison. It's in potatoes, meats, milk, and all sorts of food you eat every day. It's used medically. D5NS with 20K is a solution of Sodium Chloride (or what's known as Normal Saline) with 5% dextrose and 20 millequivalents of potassium (remember on the periodic table that K is the symbol for potassium). You're welcome. Now do some research before you actually try to post some bullshit.

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