How To: Reload bullets

Reload bullets

How to Reload bullets

Before you reload your ammunition you should manually check for defects in the brass casings.
The casings should be cleaned with either a light steel wool or a corn cob media tumbler.
After the casings come out of the tumbler, empty the remnants of corn cob.
Proceed with the loading process according to manufacturer's specifications of components.
In other words, match your primers with the desired round you wish to produce.
For magnum loads you would use magnum primers and so forth.
Matching the correct load, powder, and primer is very important to prevent accident or injury.
Overloading a casing with too much powder or the incorrect primer can result in death or serious injury.
Underloading the round can result in misfires, or what is referred to as a squib, causing a jam in your firearm.
Reloading your own ammunition is a fun rewarding hobby.
You will be able to produce ammunition the way YOU want it to perform.
Buying ammunition in the store forces you to use what they produce.
Have fun, be safe and enjoy.

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