How To: Repair and crown the muzzle of a rifle barrel

Repair and crown the muzzle of a rifle barrel

This video provides the information necessary for anyone to recrown the muzzle of their rifle using simple hand tools. Larry Potterfield, CEO and Founder of MidwayUSA, repairs and crowns the muzzle of a Winchester model 60 to demonstrate the process. Start by removing all of the damaged material from the muzzle with a smooth, chalked file. Tool marks are eliminated by polishing with varying grits of sandpaper, using the file as a backer. Once the surface is square and smooth, the crown is cut using a round headed, brass wood screw and a bit of lapping compound. Simply apply the compound to the head of the screw, chuck the screw in a hand drill, and touch the head of the screw to the muzzle while turning it at a medium speed.

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