How To: Set up a free floating gun barrel on a rifle

Set up a free floating gun barrel on a rifle

This video provides step by step instructions for free floating the barrel on a bolt action rifle. Hosted by Larry Potterfield, CEO and Founder of MidwayUSA, this GunTec production makes it easy for anyone to perform this simple task. Free floating refers to the process of relieving material from the barrel channel so there is not any contact between the stock and the barrel of the rifle. This prevents the point of impact from changing due to fluctuations in relative humidity. The identification and removal of the necessary material is performed using inletting black, masking tape, and a barrel bedding tool like the ones produced by Gunline. A simple test to ensure that your barrel is free floated is to slide a dollar bill between the barrel and the stock. If the bill slides freely back and forth, then the barrel is properly free floated.

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