How To: Set up a tacticle rifle and shotgun

Set up a  tacticle rifle and shotgun

In this how to video, you will learn how to set up your tactical rifle and shotgun. There are many types of platforms to choose from when choosing your guns. A shotgun with a shorter barrel allows for faster transitions from target to target and to get in and out of tight situations. The extension tube allows you to carry more rounds. A beveled up magwell allows for faster reloads. A side saddle is useful for having more rounds for your shotgun. The forearm band is also useful as well. A shell caddy is another device you can use for reloading. For rifles, a free float tube allows you to get into any position quickly and without damaging the barrel. A muzzle break allows for less recoil and muzzle rise for accurate shots. A fixed butt stock gives you a consistent cheek stock weld. A scope allows for engaging targets at any distance accurately. A three pound trigger gives less movement for long range targets and the ability to feel it on a cold day.

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