How To: Strip and clean a Glock pistol

Strip and clean a Glock pistol

In this how-to video, you will learn how to strip and clean a Glock pistol in this step by step guide. Most Glocks are structurally the same. First, drop the magazine by pressing the mag release button. Make sure the chamber is clear by pulling on the slide. The trickiest part is pulling back on the trigger until it clicks and sticks. After this is done, put your fingers around the slide. Pull back about an eighth of an inch and hold it. Press the slide release tabs. The slide will come off. You can use a can of air or cloth to dust off the interior. Take the slide and pop the spring out. Pull out the barrel and make sure there is no powder residue. Wipe the outside of the slide. Add a drop of oil on the grooves. Make sure the firing pin is clean. Once this is done, clean the barrel. Now you can re-assemble the gun by following the steps in the reverse order. Viewing this video will show you how easy it is to take apart and maintain your Glock pistol.

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