News: The Ultimate Armory of Rubber Band Guns, Complete with 504-Round Gatling

The Ultimate Armory of Rubber Band Guns, Complete with 504-Round Gatling

In every way, rubber band guns are the adolescent version of real firearms. Rubber bands are not as fast and deadly as bullets, the ammunition is far less expensive, and you don't need a permit to carry one. Plus, there's significantly less materials and tools involved in making one, which makes it the perfect substitute for the real deal.

But you don't have to be twelve years old to appreciate the beauty behind a well-crafted rubber band gun. Kids are prone to simplicity—shooting rubber bands from their forefinger and thumb or some store-bought junkers, while the truly great rubber band shooting contraptions are left to the pros, like Ogawa-san of Japan-based Ogg Craft. He was at one point the highest ranked rubber band shooter in Japan, and has built over forty homemade rubber band guns, most of which you can see on his Gun Locker site.

Below are just some of the wooden guns that he has built that shoot rubber bands. By checking out some of the notes on his website, you might just be able to build some of them yourself.

Thanks to Omar Ali Oweda for the heads up on this site.

The P503 DOTT DEL Rubber Band Machine Gun

Below is the P503 DOTT DEL, a motorized Gatling-style machine gun that's just over 3 feet in length, with a barrel between 8 and 12½ inches long. It weighs about 5 pounds and has a 504-round (or 120-round) capacity. The P503 rubber band machine gun can fire full-auto at a rate of 1200 (or 900) rounds per minute. Amazing.

The P214 MODOTCHAO Rubber Band Handgun

This is the P214 MODOTCHAO. It's a wooden handgun that can fire 8 rounds easily in succession with its amazing ratchet system. Its length is just over 14 inches with a barrel length of just under 1 foot.

The P502 ITO-OKACY Rubber Band Submachine Gun

The P502 ITO-OKACY is a submachine gun with a length of 14½ inches that can fire at a rate of 66 rounds per minute. An unusual looking gun, it still has the basics like rear and front sight posts.

The P203 TANDEM BARREL Rubber Band Machine Gun

The one below is the P203 TANDEM BARREL, a very cool, motorize machine gun that holds 25 rubber bands on each the front and rear muzzles. It's 30 inches long and shoots 400 rounds per minute.

The P304 REVERSS Rubber Band Rotary Gun

Though this one only fires 2 rounds, the P304 REVERSS is one of the more unique rubber band guns in the collection, with its helicopter-like rotary barrel that does a complete 180 when the trigger is pulled.

To see the rest, visit Ogg Craft's Gun Locker.


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